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Cellnexx Energy Limited take a root and branch approach to the renewable energy sector, this takes into account not only the active lifespan of technology but also repurposing, recycling and reusing this technology when it has come to its prescribed “End of Life”.

Solar Power

Thankfully for the environment solar panels, and the economic benefits they bring are meaning take-up of the technology is high. This is a good thing for the planet, relieving some of the pressure on the grid to produce power though their traditional fossil fuel burning power stations.

So solar power is a good thing, how can we make it better…

There is an issue not many people are talking about, what happens when the panels are no longer productive?

At Cellnexx we are thinking about this and we are looking at the solution. We can collect your old panels and depending on the condition we can either repurpose, recycle or reuse them. To continue and extend the productive lifespan of a green technology increases its attractiveness even beyond its current level.

Keeping them out of landfill is important as the materials within the panels can require special attention as they fall under the WEEE Directive, (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Energy Storage

Batteries are something we take for granted, they are in our phones, tablets and laptops not to mention the growing industry in battery operated cars like the Tesla which are getting ever more affordable.

Home Energy Storage is an emerging market in the UK, it won’t be too long until it is on everyone’s mind. Storing energy at low demand so you can call on it at high demand just makes sense. This demand shifting is something energy companies are keen to exploit as it will decrease the stresses on the grid at peak times of day.

The battery technology which is currently widely being used is Lithium Ion, this technology is great for providing a fast boost of power from a small unit, perfect for cars and small electrical devices, where size and weight are key.

The problem with Lithium Ion is the fact that eventually after a number of charges the battery will degrade and not produce the same results. This in time will mean the battery will become unreliable and uneconomical. Currently Lithium Ion batteries are problematic when they reach end of life. They are not suitable for landfill due to the chemistry inside them, and the sealed units can’t be reused.

At Cellnexx we are proud to be the first UK supplier of a battery technology that can be fully recycled. It is the Redflow Zinc bromide energy storage unit. The Zinc bromide is an inert fluid which can be replenished when it reaches the end of life, the electrode which operates the technology can also be continuously refurbished. The casing and pumps are all made from recyclable materials. So for the home or business looking for a green answer to energy storage you can look no further than the Cellnexx Energy Storage solution.