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Grid Applications


In general, for renewable technology generators* in excess of 16A per phase (3.66kW), the connection must comply with Engineering Recommendation G59/3, published by the Electricity Networks Association.

Customers, developers or installers who wish to connect renewable technology generators* within this category must provide a fully completed G59/3 application form plus all associated documentation.

Cellnexx Energy Limited will work with the DNO to consider the application and advise whether a connection to G59/3 is acceptable and detail any work, costs and the associated timescale.

For certain generation connections, particularly those which need to comply with ER G59/3, there may be a need for additional site specific requirements to be reflected in the connection agreement.

All customers connected to the National Grid Network must have an agreement to remain connected. A general set of these terms is available upon request.

For G59/3 applications there could be additional costs to take into consideration before grid authorisation is permitted. These additional costs may need to cover grid point of connection or even a grid upgrade. However, these costs will only be identified after the G59/3 application has been processed.

Cellnexx Energy has become proficient in delivering zero costs to customers and, in almost all cases, if there are costs we have been successful in reducing them by up to 40%.

DNO Application Terms

The following information is required by Cellnexx Energy Limited to progress any DNO grid application:

  1. Full address including postcode of generation site (billing address)
  2. Full MPAN number (located on energy bill / invoice)
  3. Incoming power phase (identify single, dual or three phase)
  4. Expected size of generation in kW
  5. Signed letter of authority from end user authorizing Cellnexx
  6. Cellnexx grid ID drawing completed to show existing meter location and incoming mains power supply.
  7. Engagement Order for DNO grid application via email or post

Subject to correct details being submitted to us we will then complete the DNO grid application and submit to the relevant distribution network office within 5 working days.

On receipt of an acknowledgement and reference number from the relevant distribution network office, we shall email you our invoice.

Cellnexx Energy Limited will continue to be the valid applicant and owner for all DNO grid applications until payment for our services has been received in full.

On receipt of DNO application acceptance from the relevant distribution network office and payment for our services has been paid in full we shall novate the application to a 3rd Party.

Grid Connection Application Fees:

  1. 0kW – 10kW = £99.00 (residential application only)
  2. 0kW – 10kW = £205.00
  3. 10kW – 50kW = £250.00
  4. 50kW – 250kW = 315.00
  5. 250kW and higher POA
  6. Stand alone POA

Please note:

Payment terms “residential” are paid online through our merchant banking facility with application process.

Payment terms “commercial” are 14 days nett. 20% discount available for payment with order when processed online through our merchant banking facility. Bulk discounts available on request.

*Anaerobic digestion, Hydro generating, Wind, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Solar photovoltaic

Cellnexx Energy Limited standard terms and conditions apply.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please call us on 01724 304 001 alternatively you can fill out the form below and one of our specialists will get back to you asap.