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Home Energy Storage


There has never been a better time to consider carefully the advantages of home energy storage. In the past these domestic batteries were expensive and the performance was lacking oomph. Now technological breakthroughs are happening on a regular basis and prices are starting to tumble. 

Domestic use of electricity is rising all the time. Electrical equipment in the home may be getting more efficient but the volume of electrical devices is rising every year. Add this to the rising population and it doesn’t take long to see the potential strain on energy generators and suppliers in the future. Energy storage allows for better balancing of the supply, using stored power when demand is high can be part of the energy management solution.

New energy storage pioneers like Elon Musks’ Tesla brand are making huge progress with lithium ion which is the same kind of battery technology found in laptops and mobile phones.

Tesla are currently the market leading brand. They require compact, light batteries for their range of cars that can be produced cheaply and in large numbers. A by-product of this development is the cross-suitability of the energy cells for home, business and grid energy storage. Homes require large storage capacity but with a small footprint and of course offering value for money.

Large existing electrical manufactures such as LG and Samsung also see the future of energy storage and are investing more in development and pushing for better technology.

Energy storage can be supplied and fitted by Cellnexx Energy as either part of a completely new system, or it can be retrofitted to your existing solar installation. contact us now for a quote.

Redflow ZCell

Cellnexx Energy are proud to partner Redflow as their ZCell Home Energy Storage supplier and installer to the UK.
The device offers a powerful alternative to Lithium Ion and has a durability that can’t be beat

financial advantages…


The financial advantage of energy storage when combined with renewable energy generation is the lowered demand for grid supplied power.
With solar PV you receive a Feed in Tariff, which you receive for every unit of energy you produce whether you use it or not. You then receive an export tariff for the energy you produce but don’t need and is exported back to the grid.
The grid could pay you around 4 pence for every unit you export back into the grid, but charge you 12 pence per unit in the evening when your solar panels are not producing.
It makes sense to store in the day to use in the evening as you will be saving around 8 pence per unit.

Why wait?


Environmental Advantages


If you’ve already decided solar PV is for you then you’d also probably be very interested in energy storage. Its the next step to even greener electricity.
Every watt of energy you produce from solar is one less watt of energy the fossil fuel burning power station has to produce. To utilise solar when the sun has set further reduces the need for traditional generation.

Energy Independance


For remote areas and the environmentally conscious home owner, the possibility to go off grid is becoming a reality.
Solar PV combined with energy storage offers 24/7 electricity. Advancements in cavity wall insulation, better windows, solar PV for hot water and ground sourced heat pumps for heating, mean off grid eco-homes are likely to become commonplace rather than just for the lucky few.

Energy storage powering…


While EVs aren’t all over our roads at the minute, many experts agree that its only a matter of time. Oil will continue to became more scarce, expensive and pressure will continue to grow regarding emissions and the environment.
Energy storage allows the EV owner to charge their car throughout the night, utilising the solar energy they have stored in batteries throughout the day.