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Energy Storage For Business


Cellnexx know the future of renewable technology is energy storage. Providing off-grid energy independence or on-grid load balancing, economically energy storage makes sense.

Energy Storage in the UK is in its infancy when looking at domestic, commercial and large scale applications. This is going to change. Even though renewable technologies are helping to create electricity, easing some of the pressure on traditional power stations, our demand is forever increasing.

The grid at certain times of the day cannot cope with the demands we put on it. Currently peak demands on the grid are often being supported by diesel generators, which environmentally is problematic to say the least. At Cellnexx we see an alternative, a clean alternative…

Rather than generate more electricity to fulfil demand why not use reserves? If we store energy when demand is low, like the middle of the night, and then channel it into the grid when demand is high there is no need to over produce. Currently when demand is low power gets wasted, it should be stored.

Where do Cellnexx fit in?

Cellnexx are proud to announce we have become the United Kingdom’s first supplier of the Redflow advanced energy storage device.

Redflow Energy Storage

This revolutionary technology, which has been in development for many decades, is the perfect partner for renewable energy solutions and off grid power systems. The Redflow Zinc Bromide Module (ZBM) offers staggering performance and longevity. Providing battery storage for up to 10kWh from just one unit, if you need larger capacity the ZBMs can be linked together with limitless expansion.

The Redflow Large Scale Battery (LSB) has been designed to fulfil the largest of battery requirements. The LSB uses an agreed number of ZBMs which have been setup to work in parallel, neatly packaged in a shipping container. The LSB contains everything required, allowing plug and play operation cutting down on installation and commissioning headaches.

You are not limited by the number of ZBMs that can be allocated to one LSB container; multiple LSBs can be joined up to provide a truly limitless solution.