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Even big energy companies are starting to recognise that solar makes sense

When you think about big energy companies, you might think of them as opposing renewable energy sources (such as solar) as an existential threat to their business model. But even these big companies are starting to acknowledge that solar electricity and other renewables are undeniably the future.

This is reflected in the recent move by energy lobbying group Energy UK, which represents the six biggest energy firms in the United Kingdom, to start campaigning for legislative changes in support of renewable energy sources. In a very telling quote, the chief executive of the firm, Lawrence Slade, said: “No one wants to be the next Nokia” – indicating that he feels that old fashioned fossil fuels will soon be redundant, and those left relying on them will be left behind as the industry and our society moves forward into the renewable age.

There have been mixed messages from the government over how much support they are willing to put into uptake of renewables, but pressure from Energy UK is likely to contribute to a changing of the tides. More and more consumers are recognising the appeal of solar panels for their wallets as well as for the environment. At the same time, news reports that oil sales are helping to fund terrorist activities abroad, as well as the instability of wildly fluctuating oil prices, are making fossil fuels less appealing by the day.

The fact that Energy UK, normally a very conservative lobbying group committed to maintaining the status quo, has joined the chorus of voices pointing out what may have seemed obvious to many, will make it harder for the government not to make the legislative changes to support this industry. This is great news for owners of solar panels, who are likely to benefit from extra legal protection of their investment, as well as the peace of mind that their home energy source is one that is powering the country.

In years to come, this may be seen as a historical turning point for solar energy, and it’s a great time for organisations and individuals to put themselves on the right side of history!