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Solar PV Panels UK

Straightforward Solar PV Pricing

At Cellnexx we like to be transparent with our pricing that is why if you need a standard 3kW, 4kW or 5kW Solar PV system with straightforward install we can offer you the complete package for these amazing prices. In order to confirm if you property is suitable any of these great deals we just need to take a few details about your property so please apply now for a quote and one of our team will be in touch.
  • 3kW System
  • £ 3,595
    12 panel system
    • MCS accredited installation and minor works certificate
    • Branded tier 1 solar panels
    • Inverter
    • Roof mount kit
    • Wiring
  • 4kW System
  • £ 4,595
    16 panel system
    • MCS accredited installation and minor works certificate
    • Branded tier 1 solar panels
    • Inverter
    • Roof mount kit
    • Wiring
  • 5kW System
  • £ 5,595
    20 panel system
    • MCS accredited installation and minor works certificate
    • Branded tier 1 solar panels
    • Inverter
    • Roof mount kit
    • Wiring
Thought about energy storage?


Energy storage is going to be the next big thing in renewable technology. Storing excess generation from wind and sun at times of over production allows you to benefit during times when production cant meet demand.

Cellnexx Energy are specialists in matching the right battery technology to your needs, taking into account array size, energy requirements and physical location you can be sure you will get the best solution. We have many special relationships with energy storage providers meaning we can offer you the very best prices.



Cellnexx Energy specialise in domestic solar installations. Offering the full package we can supply, install and maintain your system. Our friendly staff can advise and design the right system for your property.

If you already have solar PV on your roof and you are either looking to upgrade your solar panels or add battery storage technology Cellnexx is the right company for you. We have sourced the best prices from well known tier 1 suppliers, so we can offer you the very best deals.

Solar PV on your home is not only a great environmental decision (A typical system will save almost two tonnes of carbon dioxide a year) it is also a great investment. Offering up to 14% return on investment every year through government incentives and reducing energy bills, going solar simply makes sense.

Energy storage for the home in addition to renewables allows you to take full advantage of the free energy you are producing. While solar is generating power throughout the day when demand may be low it makes sense to store it in batteries and use it when you need it, during the evening.

Heating water can account for a large proportion of your energy costs. We offer a revolutionary system that can connect directly from your solar PV to your hot water tank, efficiently converting solar electricity into hot water. Solar power can now reduce more than just electricity costs.

We take huge pride in our reputation for great customer service and onsite professionalism. Our MCS approved, fully accredited installers have years of experience. No matter how challenging the conditions our team provide the right solution. Providing UK coverage to the highest standard.


We only use high quality components for all our installations so repairs should be few and far between. Our monitoring service constantly feeds back information about your system, if you do have any faults our team will be able to react and rectify the system at your earliest convenience.


We keep an eye on the latest renewable energy news so we can bring you the latest developments and stories as they happen...


I had heard about battery technology to add to my solar panels installation but wasn't sure if it was suitable. The team at Cellnexx talked me through the options and different technologies until I was satisfied enough to take the plunge. A great decision, my bills have fallen significantly due to not calling on grid power through the night.

John Clark

Home Owner


I wanted solar panels for my home but was unsure about which would be the best system, Chris Roe talked me through it and organised the installation with his team. I couldn't believe how quickly the system was installed and working, no mess or hassle. Great company would totally recommend.

Clare Smithson



Cellnexx Energy planned the solar installation on my house to maximise my investment, all work completed in a day and has worked perfectly.

Pete Richards

Home Owner